Masonic Child ID Program


The Masonic Child ID Program is an initiative supported by State, County and Local Law Enforcement as a comprehensive child identification program designed to give families a critical measure of protection against the ever increasing problem of missing and abducted children. The Masonic Child ID Program uses an Amber Alert compatible computer disc to quickly provide law enforcement with all the necessary information required to begin the process of recovery.

The parent is also provided with a single pre-printed envelope that quickly provides authorities with your child’s pedigree information in the event of an emergency. Something any parent in crisis would undoubtedly have trouble with when precious seconds matter…..within a matter of minutes the Masonic Child ID Program disc can be loaded into a computer directly from a police officer’s automobile and immediately entered into the Amber Alert system.

The Freemasons bring this program to communities throughout the country free of charge. Round Hill Masonic Lodge works in concert with all other Masonic Lodges across nation to provide consistent and comprehensive Masonic Child ID events as part of their ongoing commitment to our nation’s children and families.

How does it work?

The program consists of five major components:

  • Digital Photographs
  • Digital Fingerprints
  • Child Information and Emergency contacts
  • Two (2) laminated ID cards

We ask that all participants fill out a Permission Form to participate in the Masonic Child ID event. Parents or guardians then fill out the Information Collection Sheet with information about their child. All information is voluntary. You can even save time prior to the event by downloading and printing out the form here. You’ll need one completed form per child.

The digital photographs, digital fingerprints, child information and emergency contacts will be immediately formatted and transferred to the CD at the event. The process only takes a few minutes and your Masonic Child ID package will be handed to you right-then-and-there for safe keeping. Although we’re very proud of our Masonic Child ID Program, we sincerely hope you’ll never need to use it. But the peace of mind knowing you’ve taken a pro-active measure to protect your loved ones is priceless.

Who can participate?

Any child from the age of 1 day to 21 years.

How can I support the Masonic Child ID Program?

The program is always free of charge. But the cost of the supplies to provide this level of protection cost thousands of dollars annually. Round Hill Lodge will accept charitable donations in any amount. Rest assured, the donations we receive for the Masonic Child ID Program are used ONLY to fund the program……..nothing else. We also accept high school age children and adult age volunteers with basic computer skills to work selected events with us. We will also provide documentation for those individuals looking to fulfill community service requirement hours as part of any school or other credible community organization (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts; etc.). We do reserve the right to refuse any volunteer for any reason.

Masonic ID Program Data Security

No information is kept on file. By default, our proprietary software cannot save any inputted data. The program is intentionally designed to clear the information from the template as soon as the CD is burned and its information is approved as accurate by the parent/guardian. Each of the computers we use to create the package is a “stand alone” device; meaning none of these computers are connected to the Internet or any type of server. That means 100% of the information inputted into the software is 100% secure and impossible to “hack.” These computers are used only for the purpose of the Masonic Child ID Program and no other purpose. The ONLY information we retain is the is the signed permission slip that authorizes the Masonic Child ID Program to create the packet. With this in mind please remember that we cannot provide you with a copy if the original packet is lost. But no worries!! – just come to the next event and we’ll create a new one………free of charge!

Will the Masonic ID Program come to my event or school?

Yes. Please click here to contact us for more information. You should know that there is never a fee for this service although donations are gladly accepted and will ONLY be used to pay for those supplies necessary to help keep this program going for years to come.