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If you're interested in joining Freemasonry, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our fraternity, what the requirements are, how to join and what to expect.

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Get to know more about our lodge, our events and what we've done. We're one of the most active lodges in the Endicott area thanks to the generous contributions of time & the talents of our members.

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Our Lodge Building is a 155 year old historic landmark, located in the Town of Union on the East Main Street Corridor. The hall is available to be rented any day of the week for parties and events.

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W∴ J. Laudermilk
Round Hill Lodge #533

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"On behalf of Round Hill Lodge, I'd like to personally welcome you to our website. Consecrated in June of 1863, our Lodge has a large & vibrant membership that’s active in the local community, providing many involvement opportunities for members and visitors alike. Our Masonic tenants of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth guide us in our efforts to be better men and we invite you to get to know us. Round Hill Lodge meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month at 7:30PM. If you’re a visiting Brother please contact the Lodge in advance so that we may make all the necessary arrangements.......I hope you’ll stop in, meet our members & take part in our Masonic fellowship."
   ~W∴ J. Laudermilk, Round Hill Lodge #533.

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A Message To The Brethren 06/25/19:

Summer is quickly approaching and many of the Lodges in the District will soon be going dark until the fall. Round Hill Lodge however, will be operating fairly regularly over the next couple of months. There are already several Special Communications planned and notices will be sent to the Brethren in a timely fashion.

There are currently three petitions for membership we are waiting to receive back and one petition for affiliation that is in committee. We are expecting to vote on that during the Regular Communication scheduled Monday, July 08th. There is also a Third degree scheduled for Monday evening July 29th 2019. It is possible that we will be raising 4 Brothers that evening.  Please refer to our Lodge Calendar for any and all changes to the Trestle Board as we progress through the Masonic Year.

There will be a Masonic Child ID Booth set up at the O.L. Davis Fire Department in Endwell for their Annual Community Ice Cream Social on Wednesday evening – July 10th from 5-9PM. As always, we like to have a good turn out from our Lodge. It is my observation that a majority of the Lodges in our district are seeing an uptick in new membership petitions. I can only assume that the current social, moral and political propaganda flooding the media markets are being pushed too far to the extremes for many, and men of all ages/backgrounds are looking for the peace, civility and stability our fraternity has provided extraordinary men for centuries. No doubt there will be many in attendance at this event looking to inquire about Freemasonry, and having enough members on hand will benefit everyone.

Finally, The Round Hill Lodge Annual Family Picnic will be held on Monday - August 24th, 2019 at the Masonic Center located at 403 East Main Street; Endicott from 11AM till done.

Round Hill Lodge is exceptionally good at communicating amongst the Brethren effectively. I will keep this page updated weekly to keep the dates and times we discuss at the regular meetings current and relevant.

The Craft is busy this summer and there will be time to rest later. Freemasonry is truly needed now more than ever…..please remember my Brothers, anyone can pay a fee and join a club. But in our fraternity – you have to be MADE a MASON!

W∴  J. Laudermilk

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